Page 9 - SÜD-AFRIKA SPECIAL Weinland am Kap 2021/22
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La  Motte  Wine  Estate  is  acknowledged  for  consistent  quality  in  its  wine  portfolio  and  an  exceptional  wine
                 tourism experience. While we are all waiting for things to get back to normal from a travel perspective, don’t miss
                 out on your favourite South African wines!

                                                        Capreo  distributes  the  complete  collection  of  La  Motte  wines  across  Europe.
                                                        Whether  you  enjoy  the  estate’s  trusted  La  Motte  Syrah  or  Sauvignon  Blanc  or  if
                                                        the premium Pierneef collection is your favourite, make sure to order them from
                                               and qualify for 5% discount on your La Motte order when you use the
                                                        code LAMOTTE5.

                                                        This discount is valid for all La Motte Wines and for one order per customer.

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